Our story


Paio's conceptual clothing is not just another collection, it's a whole IDEA! It's all about the most alternative, unique and well-designed pieces, that can be worn by ladies of all ages and styles depending on their color choices.

Aggresive, minimal, controversial and classic women are going to love our concept and find their other...half between the pieces of our special collection! A non stop game, with uncountable combinations, is ready to inspire any woman who is -and want to feel- special. 
Maria Pampori, Designer director behind the brand, has finished her degree in fashion design as well as workshops and courses based in textile, pattern making and visual merchandising.After finishing her training, she decided to run her own brand giving a new fresh sight in Greek fashion.

MÓNO Shirt is the first creation of Paio Concept, which offers many options to designyour own shirt based on the patterns of our collection.   

Maria is not alone. A unique team is gathered to help the dream come true!